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MetroTravelGuide.com offers a wide selection of Emmitsburg MD rental cars for you to choose from. Whether you're looking for a specific company to rent from or a particular car type, we make finding the right rental car easy. We know that renting a car can be overwhelming so to help we've provided a car rental tips section that covers some of the most frequently asked questions. Gas mileage, type of car, passenger capacity, and your spending budget all play a role in determining the right Emmitsburg rental car for you.

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Emmitsburg Car Rental Tips

•  When selecting a car type, you will see an average of how many people and how many pieces of luggage will be accommodated by this car type. Pay attention to the specifics of each car type to be certain they meet your needs before booking.

•  There is one question you should always ask when you pick up your car from a rental agency. Is there anyway I can get a free upgrade? Many times the answer will be yes! The car rental agency wants to offer their customers the best driving experience they can. So make sure when you rent a car from Emmitsburg MD you do not forget to ask that important question.

•  Under 25? Be sure to check with Emmitsburg MD Car Rental companies about their specific policies. Some agencies require the driver to be 25 while other rental companies may allow younger drivers to rent for an additional fee. Have more than one driver? Be sure to ask if additional charges apply for more than one person driving the rental car.

Emmitsburg Area Attractions
  • Mount St. Mary's College
  • Gettysburg Convention Center (5.08 miles)
  • Gettysburg Diorama(8.57 miles)
  • Gettysburg Battlefield(9.27 miles)
  • Gettysburg Anniversary Comm(9.45 miles)
  • Gettysburg Hospital(9.56 miles)
  • Battlefield Military Museum(9.69 miles)
  • Gettysburg Battle Theatre(9.80 miles)
  • Lincoln Train Museum(9.86 miles)
  • National Civil War Wax Museum(9.94 miles)
  • Schriver House(10.03 miles)
  • Farnsworth House Military(10.03 miles)
  • Aces High Aviation(10.03 miles)
  • Greystone's American History(10.03 miles)
  • Jennie Wade House(10.03 miles)
  • Soldiers National Museum(10.03 miles)
  • Horse Soldier(10.03 miles)
  • Hall of Presidents(10.03 miles)
  • Evergreen Cemetery Historical(10.03 miles)
  • Lincoln Room Museum(10.10 miles)
  • Gettysburg College(10.32 miles)
  • Harrisburg Area Community Clg(10.94 miles)
  • General Admiral Museum (11.57 miles)
  • Renfrew Museum and Park(13.45 miles)
  • Waynesboro Hospital(13.68 miles)
  • Waynesboro Area Indust Heritage(14.10 miles)
  • Penn State Mont Alto Campus(14.82 miles)
  • Frederick Community College(18.12 miles)
  • Mason Dixon Dragway(18.90 miles)
  • Hagerstown Community College(19.01 miles)

Car Rental Agencies in Emmitsburg MD

Enterprise Rent A Car
11.31 miles from Emmitsburg MD US
Enterprise Rent A Car
9.93 miles from Emmitsburg MD US
Gas Cost From 791 YORK RD Gettysburg To Emmitsburg
  • Standard Convertible:   $1.46
  • Standard SUV:   $1.94
  • Compact Car:   $1.52
  • Economy Car:   $1.46
  • Standard Car:   $1.66
  • Full-Size Car:   $1.75
  • Mid-Size Car:   $1.52
  • Luxury Car:   $1.84
  • Premium Car:   $1.75
  • Mini Van:   $1.84
Gas Cost From 12917B CATOCTIN FURNACE RD Thurmont To Emmitsburg
  • Standard Convertible:   $1.28
  • Standard SUV:   $1.70
  • Compact Car:   $1.33
  • Economy Car:   $1.28
  • Standard Car:   $1.46
  • Full-Size Car:   $1.53
  • Mid-Size Car:   $1.33
  • Luxury Car:   $1.61
  • Premium Car:   $1.53
  • Mini Van:   $1.61

If you prefer a specific car rental brand over another you are in luck! We offer a wide variety of Emmitsburg rental car agencies. You can choose to look at only specific car rental agencies or view all at a time with our search box above. Don't forget to enter in your discount or reward number at check out when you rent your car in Emmitsburg MD.

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