Lindale TX Car Rentals offers a wide selection of Lindale TX rental cars for you to choose from. Whether you're looking for a specific company to rent from or a particular car type, we make finding the right rental car easy. We know that renting a car can be overwhelming so to help we've provided a car rental tips section that covers some of the most frequently asked questions. Gas mileage, type of car, passenger capacity, and your spending budget all play a role in determining the right Lindale rental car for you.

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Lindale Car Rental Tips

•  When selecting a car type, you will see an average of how many people and how many pieces of luggage will be accommodated by this car type. Pay attention to the specifics of each car type to be certain they meet your needs before booking.

•  Book your reservation in advance. Rates can vary drastically, even for the same rental car in Lindale TX. By booking your car early, you can avoid last minute rate increases.

•  It is very important that you inspect your vehicle before leaving the rental agency in Lindale. Scratches, dents, and other vehicle damage can cause extra headaches and costs without being your fault. If you see any damage on or inside your car before you leave make sure you mark it on the rental car papers and address the workers about it. By doing this, it will resolve any questions that could arise when you bring the car back.

Lindale Area Attractions
  • ETMC Regional Healthcare Syst(2.38 miles)
  • Tyler Pounds Regional Airport (TYR)(10.57 miles)
  • Caldwell Zoo(10.73 miles)
  • Texas College(10.78 miles)
  • Harrold's Model Train Museum(11.29 miles)
  • Goodman Museum(12.18 miles)
  • Tyler Rose Museum and Gift Shop(12.20 miles)
  • East Texas Medical Center(12.29 miles)
  • Discovery Science Place(12.36 miles)
  • Gallery One Eleven(12.51 miles)
  • Tyler Junior College Corp Svc(12.66 miles)
  • University of Texas Health Center(12.94 miles)
  • Jarvis Christian College(13.12 miles)
  • Trinity Mother Frances Health(13.24 miles)
  • Texas Spine & Joint Hospital(13.78 miles)
  • Tyler Indoor Sports Complex(13.81 miles)
  • Tyler Museum of Art(14.06 miles)
  • Tyler Junior College(14.11 miles)
  • Broadway Square Mall(15.58 miles)
  • University of Texas - Tyler(16.44 miles)
  • University Of Texas-Tyler(16.44 miles)
  • East Texas Med Ctr Quitman(20.09 miles)
  • Cozby-Germany Hospital(21.80 miles)

Car Rental Agencies in Lindale TX

Enterprise Rent A Car
15.97 miles from Lindale TX US
Enterprise Rent A Car
3221-A SSW LOOP 323
14.00 miles from Lindale TX US
Enterprise Rent A Car
12.61 miles from Lindale TX US
Enterprise Rent A Car
14.70 miles from Lindale TX US
Hertz Corporation
13.98 miles from Lindale TX US
Gas Cost From 3922 TROUP HWY Tyler To Lindale
  • Standard Convertible:   $2.06
  • Standard SUV:   $2.74
  • Compact Car:   $2.15
  • Economy Car:   $2.06
  • Standard Car:   $2.35
  • Full-Size Car:   $2.47
  • Mid-Size Car:   $2.15
  • Luxury Car:   $2.60
  • Premium Car:   $2.47
  • Mini Van:   $2.60
Gas Cost From 3221-A SSW LOOP 323 Tyler To Lindale
  • Standard Convertible:   $1.80
  • Standard SUV:   $2.40
  • Compact Car:   $1.88
  • Economy Car:   $1.80
  • Standard Car:   $2.06
  • Full-Size Car:   $2.16
  • Mid-Size Car:   $1.88
  • Luxury Car:   $2.28
  • Premium Car:   $2.16
  • Mini Van:   $2.28
Gas Cost From 500 WEST FRONT STREET Tyler To Lindale
  • Standard Convertible:   $1.62
  • Standard SUV:   $2.17
  • Compact Car:   $1.69
  • Economy Car:   $1.62
  • Standard Car:   $1.86
  • Full-Size Car:   $1.95
  • Mid-Size Car:   $1.69
  • Luxury Car:   $2.05
  • Premium Car:   $1.95
  • Mini Van:   $2.05
Gas Cost From 5005 OLD JACKSONVILLE HWY Tyler To Lindale
  • Standard Convertible:   $1.89
  • Standard SUV:   $2.52
  • Compact Car:   $1.97
  • Economy Car:   $1.89
  • Standard Car:   $2.16
  • Full-Size Car:   $2.27
  • Mid-Size Car:   $1.97
  • Luxury Car:   $2.39
  • Premium Car:   $2.27
  • Mini Van:   $2.39
Gas Cost From 3215 S SOUTHWEST LOOP 323 Tyler To Lindale
  • Standard Convertible:   $1.88
  • Standard SUV:   $2.40
  • Compact Car:   $1.88
  • Economy Car:   $1.88
  • Standard Car:   $1.96
  • Full-Size Car:   $2.16
  • Mid-Size Car:   $2.06
  • Luxury Car:   $2.27
  • Premium Car:   $2.27
  • Mini Van:   $2.54

If you prefer a specific car rental brand over another you are in luck! We offer a wide variety of Lindale rental car agencies. You can choose to look at only specific car rental agencies or view all at a time with our search box above. Don't forget to enter in your discount or reward number at check out when you rent your car in Lindale TX.

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